Vaal dam weather conditions.

Vaal dam level and flow information.

View of the dam wall from the low-water bridge.
Below you will find information on wind direction, wind speed, cloud cover, precipitation, air pressure, air temperature, dam level and flow data for the Vaal dam area. The first table is supplied by To follow a link in the table below, right click on the link and click on 'open in a new window' in the dropdown list.

The dam has 59 sluice gates and when in flood up to 35 can be open simultaneously! The wall is just over 50m high and holds back 2,536,000,000 cubic metres of water when the dam is 100% full. The surface area of the dam is 32 060 hectares at full capacity, and is fed by the Vaal and Wilge Rivers.

The second table is supplied by the Department of Water and Environment.

If any of the tables isn't visible, it might be due to a third party server that is offline.

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